Journal 1. New Tech

6 04 2010

New technology and media is molding our lifestyles all around us even if we don’t realize it.  Everyone of us uses an advanced form of technology (phone, computer, etc.) every single day.  And without these devices, life would be very challenging and different for us.  We are very dependent on these technologies, and without them, most of us would go crazy.

What I am learning is the radical changes the media world has been through, and how these certain media types affect my life.  I am very dependent on technology every single day of my life, and I could imagine going a month or so without them.  I value these technologies greatly, as they hep me with everyday tasks.  Things like checking my phone for important email, chatting online with friends and family through video or text, making important phone calls, and even paying all my bills through the internet.  The most important to me however is my iPhone.  It literally does everything i mentioned before, and more.  It is the number one smart phone on the market today, and I can comfortably call it one of the most advanced pieces of technology available to consumers to this date (within a reasonable price range of course).  With the ever growing app store and the soon to be released iPhone 4.0 software, there seems to be endless possibilities.   Also with the new release of the iPad, the possibilities yet again grow.  Featuring a much larger screen than the iphone or ipod touch, the ipad will trump them both with performance and usability.

With next week coming around, I really would like to explore: more about how these technologies work and are created, what steps are taken to begin production on a product, how that product is marketed, and how different people are affected by these products.  I also would like to explore the iPad a little bit more than I have, just to see how advanced it actually is.




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